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The addition of smart contracts is a game changer for Cardano. Be part of the first wave of people who take advantage of them by owning NFTs with utility.
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Smart Contracts are here!
After the release of smart contracts, the automated delivery of the Ada to the inspiration for the Caricature can be set up.

You can start to use your NFTs for voting, unlocking exclusives, and much more before smart contract are unlocked.
See the latest status updates on the Cardano Roadmap

Learn how your


is created

When you make a purchase, your NFT is randomly selected out of all of the available pieces in the Collection. Your NFT gets minted in real time and delivered straight to your wallet.
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All made possible by the NFT-MAKER.IO PRO

A brand new service that allows you to build NFT marketplaces, trading platforms, or customized collections using their API

It's the same team behind some of the best CNFTs like The Hoskinsons and Unsigned Algorithms

Seamless checkout

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Select the Caricature you want as an NFT
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Your random NFT is reserved for 20 min
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Send the Ada to the wallet address
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Your NFT is delivered to your wallet
example QR code for ada address
cardano nft wallet

Connect your wallet

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Use any browser based wallet extension
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Explore Cardano Caricature NFTs you own
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Unlock Voting Power to pick the next NFT
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Get an even faster checkout experience
* A browser based wallet is not required for buying, selling, or trading your NFTs

Vote for your favorite

Crypto YouTubers

using your NFTs

Every month, you can use your Cardano Caricatures NFTs to vote on the next Collection. The more rare your NFTs, the more Voting Power you have.
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JRNY Crypto
vote with nftdown vote with nft
nft of crypto capital ventures
Dan from CCV
vote with nftdown vote with nft

NFT aftermarket

Buy, sell, auction, and trade your Cardano Caricature NFTs on any CNFT marketplace
Everything is transferred with the NFT, from Voting Power to unlocking your print
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