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What we focus on

monthly nft series
New NFT every Month
Use your NFTs to vote from a group of your favorite Crypto YouTubers and Cardano Influencers each month
Learn how each NFT is created every month
vote using your nft
Using Your NFT
If you have a Cardano Caricatures NFT, you unlock discounts on future releases, presales, art prints, & more
Check out all the ways to use your NFT
innovative nft on cardano
Innovation on Cardano
Be part of the first wave who take advantage of smart contracts on Cardano by owning NFTs with utility
See how you can use smart contracts with your NFT
cardano nft community
Helping the Community
Bring more exposure to Cardano. It's simple to get a CNFT which helps bring new people into the ecosystem
See more perks to joining the CNFT community
discount on cardano nfts
NFTs & Physical Items
Have an NFT in the Collection? Get 50% off that special edition print & 25% off if you own any Collection
Learn how fine art prints come with each Collection
inclusive nfts on cardano
Inclusive to everyone
By being an NFT holder, you decide on who becomes the next Caricature & how the project is upgraded
Look through the full roadmap
support a plutus pioneer
Supporting Development
This project was conceptualized to reward the people who got me into crypto & giving back to the Cardano
Uncover who is behind the project
fun nft collection
Having Fun Collecting
Each NFT has Voting Power based on its rarity. The more NFTs you have, the more each vote you cast counts
View all the different rarities and variations

The Roadmap

See what we have done and what we're up to

Everything we have done so far

We are just getting started but here are some milestones that we have already accomplished
cnft art print check
Conceptualized the NFT project to reward my favorite crypto influencers
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Build out the entire project end to end and produced the first Collections to be released
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Revealed Cardano Caricatures to the public
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Launched the full website with all the project details

What I'm working on right now

These are the main focuses of the project right now
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Integrate with NFT MAKER
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Launch Charles Collection
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Launch Special Edition Goguen
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Community vote on who is next

What I'm working on next

Here are the things we have on our radar to tackle soon
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Integrating your wallet to the website so it can see which NFTs that you own
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Integrate with smart contracts for dividing up Ada to the NFT's inspiration
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Update the voting to be for only NFT holders and include the Power levels
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Make the release of the first Community voted Cardano Caricature NFT

What I could work on in the future

You get to vote and decide on what comes next
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Collaborations with other cNFT projects
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Learn to create your own NFT project e-book
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Open sourcing all of the web and app code
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Drops based on the Power of your NFTs
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