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The best crypto YouTube channels immortalized as


Join the community-led Cardano NFT project with monthly drops voted on by the NFT holders

Pick your favorite crypto YouTubers each month

Use your NFTs to vote from a group of your favorite Crypto YouTubers and Cardano Influencers
These are just some of my favorite Youtubers, they haven't been approached to be a Caricature...yet
The person who gets the most votes by the NFT holders is selected to be immortalized as a limited edition Cardano NFT
Let us know on Twitter which Crypto YouTubers you want to see as a Caricature next

Vote for your favorite

Crypto Influencers

Cast your votes each month using all of the Cardano Caricature NFTs that you own
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Voting Power
Each NFT has a Power rating based on its rarity. The more NFTs you have, the more each vote you cast counts.
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Down Voting
You can downvote any potential NFT each month too. Be careful, just like upvoting it uses all of your Voting Power.
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Every Month
Every month a fresh batch of Crypto Influencers are selected and voting is unlocked for any of the NFT holders.
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rare nft cardano
epic nft cardano
legendary nft cardano
The more rare your NFTs are, the more Voting Power you have

How does it work?

By connecting any browser based wallet that can interact with the Cardano blockchain, you can prove that you own your Cardano Caricatures NFTs.

Unlock your voting power, fine art prints, discounts, free NFTs, presale access, and much more.
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Follows the same schedule each month

Week 1
NFT holders vote on the next Caricature
We announce the potential Caricatures based on your feedback and theme for the month. Connect a wallet with your NFTs and use their voting power to make your voice heard by up & down voting.
Week 2
Announce the winner of the vote
After the voting is closed, the results are tallied up and published for everyone to see. The top vote getter get a limited edition NFT made in their likeness and a bunch of other perks along with it.
Week 3
Presale for any NFT holders
Just one week after the winner of the monthly vote is announced, the NFT of the person who received the most votes is created. 200 of the 1,000 limited edition NFTs are made available to NFT holders.
Week 4
NFT sale opens to the public
The following week, all of the NFTs are unlocked for anyone to purchase. All 1,000 NFTs will be available until they sell out.
Join the CNFT community and choose which of your favorite Crypto YouTubers are immortalized as Caricatures

Your favorite YouTubers immortalized as


cnft art print check
Fully detailed designs
cnft art print check
15 unique variations
cnft art print check
1,000 usable NFTs
full detail cardano nft

Support your favorite

Crypto YouTuber
25% of every NFT sale goes directly to their Ada wallet utilizing the power of smart contracts on Cardano.

The inspiration for the Caricature also gets:
cnft art print check
One of their most rare, Legendary NFTs
cnft art print check
Exclusive 1 of 1 NFT with max Voting Power
cnft art print check
Fine art prints and sticker packs
cnft art print check
NFTs to giveaways to their audience
cnft art print check
Discount on their fellow YouTubers' prints
cnft art print check
25% additional Ada from any print sale
ada cardano symbol
ada to nft
nft head getting ada
custom cardano logo

Grow the community

As NFTs are released each month, more people get to participate and use their NFTs to vote
Check out everything planned for the future
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