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The more NFTs that sell per Collection, the higher the price goes.
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Reward the early adopters
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More than just an individually unique NFT

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Get a fine art print
with each NFT

If you own an NFT and the Collection sells out, then you get a fine art print of the exact variation you own.

Even more perks for collecting

Cardano Caricatures
giving back with nfts on cardano
Give Back
25% of every NFT sale goes directly to the inspiration for the Caricature utilizing the power of smart contracts on Cardano
Learn how each Caricature is chosen
smart contracts on cardano
Try Smart Contracts
Be part of the first wave of people who take advantage of smart contracts on Cardano by owning NFTs with utility
See how you can use smart contracts with your NFT
voting for nfts with your nft
Use NFTs to Vote
By being an NFT holder also means you get to decide on who becomes the next Caricature and which parts of the project are upgraded
Check out all the ways to use your NFT
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Buy Collectables
Each limited-edition NFT has Voting Power based on its rarity. The more NFTs you have, the more each vote you cast counts
View all the different rarities and variations
discounts on nfts
Get Discounts
Have an NFT in the Collection? Get 50% off that special edition print. Receive 25% off if you own any Cardano Caricature NFT
Learn how fine art prints come with each Collection
cnft community
Join the Community
Help bring more exposure to Cardano. We focus on making it simple to get a CNFT which helps bring new people into the ecosystem
See more perks to joining the CNFT community
chatting with nft creator
Support Development
Cardano Caricatures was conceptualized to reward the people who got me into crypto while giving back to the Cardano community
Uncover who is behind the project
nft roadmap on cardano
Control the Roadmap
One of the main pillars of the project is the ability for you to use the NFTs that you collect to decide what happens next
Look through the full roadmap
cardano nft of charles hoskinson

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