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Cardano, Community, and You
Cardano Caricatures was conceptualized to reward the people who got me into crypto & continue to teach me while giving back to the CNFT community
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Timeline to

Cardano Caricatures
Dec 2020
First exposed to using crypto by using BTC to pay a writer that lived in Africa
April 2021
Introduced to CNFTs by a friend looking to turn their passions into art
May 2021
Learned more about the crypto space and became a Cardano enthusiast
June 2021
Conceptualized the NFT project to reward my favorite crypto influencers
July 2021
Built out the entire project end to end and produced the first Collections to be released
August 2021
Launched of the first Collection and started to grow the community
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Hi, I'm Justin 👋

When I learned about crypto and more specifically Cardano, I had a familiar feeling. It was the same way I felt when I was a kid messing around in the early days of the internet.

Back then is when I learned that software would have a massive impact on our future. Now that it's crypto's turn to change the world, I want to be part of it.
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Dad, husband, start-up engineer, & solopreneur
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Combining my love for software, art, & crypto
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Cardano enthusiast & CNFT collector
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Open source Cardano developer & Plutus Pioneer
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Combining my love for software & crypto
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