best crypto youtube channels turned into NFTs



of your favorite crypto influencers

Support the people who helped you fall in love with crypto with limited edition NFTs that you can collect and use


Pushing the boundaries with NFTs on

Experience the latest Cardano has to offer, support your favorite Crypto YouTubers, and buy individually unique NFTs with real utility
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Celebrate the ecosystem

Experience a seamless checkout, instant delivery, and distribution of the funds utilizing the latest tech on Cardano

How does buying an NFT work?
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Give back to the creators

Anyone who is an inspiration for an NFT is automatically given a portion of every sale directly in their ADA wallet

How do creators get picked and paid?
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Own and use unique art

Buy NFTs of the best Crypto YouTubers then use them to vote on the next Caricatures minted

How else can I use my NFT?
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Meet your

Cardano Caricatures

Free art prints for each version of your

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A fine art print comes with every NFT
cnft art print check
Includes sticker packs for entire series
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Unlocks after 1,000 NFTs are sold
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hidden cardano nft

Use your NFT to vote on the next series of

Cardano Caricatures
If you own any NFTs, you get to decide which future Caricatures are created. The more rare your NFTs are, the more voting power you have!
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Unlock voting, giveaways, early access, and more
Learn about more ways you can use your NFTs

Limited edition NFTs

Only 1,000 NFTs are ever minted per Caricature with increasing rarities from Common to Legendary for you to collect, sell, and trade
See the number of NFTs for each rarity
variations of the cnft art

Unique Variations

Each Caricature has 15 different versions from facial expressions, custom backgrounds, exclusive stamps, and hidden special items
Explore every version of the Caricatures

Individually Numbered

Each Caricature you own is individually numbered with how many were minted of that same variation so no NFT is exactly the same
See the number of NFTs minted for each variation
unique cardano nft art

It doesn't end after you get your

check on nft creation

How we got here

Learn about the motivation behind the creation of the Cardano Caricatures NFT series and how the entire project all started
what cardano nfts im working on

What we are working on

As Cardano continues to evolve with smart contracts, we will be taking advantage of everything the community has to offer
whats next for cardano

What happens next

Every month, the community gets to decide on 2 new Caricatures they want to see next by using any NFT they own to cast their vote, the rarer your NFTs, the more voting power
future crypto influencers

How does the future look

Collaborations with other Cardano NFTs, guides & tools on how to start your own NFT, a cNFT directory, donations to the community, with everything developed open source
See the entire Roadmap

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